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new CoClean Nasal Aspirator

new CoClean Nasal Aspirator
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  • Model: SC-3000
New Coclean dual-purpose nasal spray machine is also very useful for children with sensitive noses. Usually, they breathe in some dirty air outdoors, which causes them to stay in the nasal cavity, causing nasal sensitivity and even nasal congestion, and unable to sleep. Clean the inside of the nasal cavity with a spray from time to time, and after the allergens are cleared, you can sleep at ease.

Product features:  
1. It can spray and breathe nasal clearing
2. You can pour saline into the spray cup, and the sprayed particles are 0.68um, which can flush the nasal mucus in the nasal cavity and Dirty
3. Replace with another suction head, a nasal suction machine, with moderate suction power, which can effectively suck out the nasal mucus without damaging the nasal mucosa. It is also suitable for newborn babies.
4. Streamline Design, easy to master and easy to operate. It looks like a penguin, so you can stand up without fear of falling down.
5. The nozzle is very fine. After spraying the saline solution, it must be sprayed with clean water for another 2 minutes and dried before storing.
6. The silicone nozzle and snot cup can be removed for cleaning and disinfection
7. With 2 silicone nozzles
8. Approved certifications: CE, FDA, GMP, ISO9001, ISO13485  
9. Made in Korea

Product Introduction :

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