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Simba Massage Pacifier 6m+

Simba Massage Pacifier 6m+
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  • Model: S6756

Strictly selected food-grade active silicone rubber is soft and elastic, and has the dual functions of a pacifier and a tooth-fixing device. It can satisfy the baby's oral desire during the teething period and the sucking period.

  • Patented hollow particle massage ball, soft and elastic, massages baby's gums comfortably.
  • When the baby is teething, use the bite particles to soothe the emotions and satisfy the baby's desire to chew.
  • When the baby sucks, use the beating massage of the particles to make the touch more sensitive.
  • Freshly beating colors and imported fruit themes make sucking more interesting.
  • The double flat design fits the baby’s mouth shape closely, making it less prone to drooling.
  • Made of food-grade active silicone, resistant to high temperature disinfection.
  • It comes with a card-type pacifier cover, which is not easy to drop when you carry it with you, which is convenient and hygienic.

Made in Taiwan

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan
Tags: Pacifier , Simba

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