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Dwinguler Playmat (large Size) - Little Tiger Picnic

Dwinguler Playmat (large Size) - Little Tiger Picnic
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  • Model: 8809170887426
Create a perfect place for your children to roll, crawl, and toddle! Our Kid’s Cushioned Playmat provides a soft & safe play area for your kids. The product is tested to US and European safety standards, and made with Phthalate free materials. On the surface, there are vivid colored
pictures with friendly characters, letters, and numbers for sensory and educational development of your children. The cushion of the mat absorbs footsteps noise of your children while blocking the chilliness from the cold floor.

  1. Eco- friendly
  The Dwinguler Kid’s Playmat is harmless to both your children and environment.
  Also it is a hygienic product that pollutants are not allowed to permeate into it and can be easily removed.
  Not being inhabitable for ticks and worms, it helps to protect children's health.

  2. Safe
  The Dwinguler Kid’s Playmat protects children from hard impact when falling onto the ground.
  Thus it protects children from the impacts by laying soft cushion on the hard floor.

  3. Educational
  The Dwinguler Kid's Playmat has alphabets and numbers for children to familiarize with such symbols.
  Also, the friendly character with vivid colors used will help to develop the children’s awareness and emotion.

  4. Noise-Absorbing
  The Dwinguler Kid’s Playmat will absorb the noise from your children’s footsteps,and block the chilliness from the floor.

Mat size  : 2300 x 1400 x 15 mm (7.5" x 4'7")
Gross Weight : 12  Kg

Tags: Playmat , Dwinguler

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