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KuKu Duckbill 5-Step Potty Trainer

KuKu Duckbill 5-Step Potty Trainer
  • Availability: 3 - 4 days
  • Model: KU1136

Multi-functional segmented type
Train your baby to go to the toilet alone

[Phase changes to use]
Help your baby overlearn to go to the toilet naturally

The first stage: Use the grip to train the sense of balance.
For a 10-month-old baby who is in contact with the learning toilet for the first time, the auxiliary handle can prevent the baby from falling and train his sense of balance.
The baby learns in the game.

The second stage: the back-to-grip can be used as a backrest
When the baby is able to sit on its own, the toilet seat can be reversed and the handle can be turned into a backrest. Let your baby learn more easily and comfortably.

The third stage: Use the toilet seat on the toilet
When the baby has learned to use the toilet, the toilet seat can be placed on the adult toilet.
Help, let the baby learn to defecate on the toilet gradually
Please move the handle forward first to reduce the baby’s insecurities of height.
The base can be reversed to become the baby’s foot pad.

The fourth stage: Use the handle on the toilet as the backrest
When the baby adapts to the height of the toilet, the toilet seat can be reversed to allow the baby to adapt to the feeling of not having a handle .

Fifth stage: Only use the toilet base as a step cushion
When the baby learns that no handle is needed, the cushion can be removed,
Let the baby learn to use the toilet properly,
br />But still need a foot pad to help the baby sit on the toilet.

[Pay attention to details, baby comfortably use]
Multifunctional base

Front convex splash-proof design
Intimate front convex and concave design, which can be properly blocked But splashing
Plenty of leg room allows the baby to develop a good habit of using legs to go to the toilet

There are lordotic designs on both sides
for the baby to change during growth
< br />TPE base
reinforced anti-skid and anti-back-turning
the base has a non-slip design to increase friction
the baby will not tip over if it is active

removable Toilet
Separated design
Easy to clean and bid farewell to odors

Large-capacity, split-type potty design
Easy to use with one hand, easy to clean without dirty hands

Ergonomic design
The handle is designed according to the baby's easy-to-grip angle
Easily assists the baby's body balance
Natural over and adaptation

The central recessed design of the toilet
br />Let the baby's feet can be clamped

Product information
Country of Origin Sweden

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