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Ginger Ginger Ginger Tea 112g (7 pouches)

Ginger Ginger Ginger Tea 112g (7 pouches)
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Brand introduction:
The founder saw the wisdom of the ancestors' creation of the structure, so he developed the "Two Mu Tian", with the concept of caring for the earth and treating oneself well, and launched the Jiangxin thanxin brand.
The word ginger is composed of two fields, which means that everyone has two mu of fields in his heart. One mu of field is his heart and the other is his body; first take care of the two acres of your body and mind. After the field, there is better energy to exert one's abilities.
Ginger is a good natural material, which helps improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, reduce pain and other problems, and make people full of vitality. Jiangxin Bixin products bring this precious earth resource to the public and spread health and vitality!


Product Information 

● Strictly selected organic black tea from Taiwan

● The tea rhyme is fragrant and soft; the ginger is mild and slightly spicy.
● Drink it in summer to prevent the intrusion of cold.

● Drink in winter to warm the body, promote circulation and warm the stomach

Main ingredients: ginger powder, organic black tea

Applicable skin type: mild texture, suitable for any skin type

Product features: Strictly select Taiwan's organic cultivated black tea and ginger powder extracted from ginger juice. After a sip, you can feel the gentle and soft fragrance of tea. The slightly spicy ginger fragrance gently warms the teeth before entering the throat, and it is hot. Drink it to warm up the body, help digestion, and remove the peculiar smell in the mouth.

Brewing method: 500c.c. each time, can be refilled multiple times.

The best way to drink: Drink ginger warm black tea in summer: it is inevitable to eat a lot of cold food in hot weather, drink ginger warm black tea to prevent cold from entering the body, drink ginger warm black tea in winter: warm the body, promote circulation, and warm the stomach.

Preservation method: Please put it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan
Tags: Tea , Ginger

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