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Haenim UV LED Sterilizer (New Classic) - White / Rose Gold

Haenim UV LED Sterilizer (New Classic) - White / Rose Gold
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  • Model: HN-04L
It is equipped with a 45-degree low temperature drying function that does not damage plastic materials, kills 99.9% of bacteria, and has automatic mode and time selection, and can be operated in manual and simple mode. The scope of use includes milk bottles, towels, toothbrushes, and TV remote control. Mobile phones, tableware and portable accessories are all safe and reliable; it also has a storage function that can be recycled and disinfected within eight hours to ensure hygiene.



Beyond This Generation, To The Next Generation

☑ New technology --- UV LED
☑ 24 hours aseptic storage
☑ New lamp alert
☑ Turbo Modes
☑ 99.99% Sterilization
☑ Clean Alert
☑ Smart Modes
☑ Air Filter
☑ Temp and time on display
☑ Made in Korea

Size: 295 x 375 x 425 mm
Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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