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Kaneson Breast Milk Storage Bags 100 ml - 50 pcs

Kaneson Breast Milk Storage Bags 100 ml - 50 pcs
  • Availability: Available
  • Model: KA-4459

The function of an excellent breast milk storage bag

  • Preserve all the nutrients and antibodies of fresh breast milk
  • Store under sterile conditions

The shelf life of breast milk freezing

  • General cold preservation: -15oC to -18oC can be stored for 3 weeks
  • Ultra-low temperature freezing: -85oC can be stored for a long time


  • After Gamma sterilization, each storage bag is sealed and sterile
  • Manufactured with unique technology, cut off the outside air during manufacture, absolutely clean and hygienic
  • Easy to seal, easy to use, will not stain breast milk
  • Double layer structure, the outer layer is tough nylon, and the inner layer is high-density polyethylene, so there is no need to worry about breast milk dissolving out the plastic components
  • It can withstand the low temperature of -85 degrees, and it is a breast milk storage product designated by Japanese medical institutions.
  • Comply with Japanese Food Sanitation Law to ensure safety

Package:50 pcs

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