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dacco Hip Sharper

dacco Hip Sharper
dacco Hip Sharper
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  • Model: DC-021
Postpartum pelvis tightening correction belt, save the postpartum big butt!
Pelvic care experts believe that all women need to do body care to tighten their pelvis, especially postpartum women. The pelvis is the most important body part that supports the beauty of women, and women mainly rely on the pelvis to maintain a beautiful posture!
The gratifying effect of the pelvic correction belt worn by Japanese women:
Improve postpartum body shape!
Tighten the loose pelvis!
The culprit of women's lower body obesity: Because of the loose and open pelvis, women's lower body becomes abnormal, even if they desperately lose weight, it is difficult for the lower body to lose weight!
  • Effective tightening Use excellent stretchable materials to provide strong support for the pelvis. Easy to wear. Just tighten the stretch and buckle the Velcro! It can be easily worn by one person
  • Not easy to slide, fits the low waist shape of the lower abdomen, it is not easy to slide up even when sitting down
  • It fits perfectly with the waistband designed according to the curve of the human body, which makes people move flexibly! It fits the waist width with stability
  • Easy to wear, just tighten the stretch and buckle the Velcro! It can be easily worn by one person
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