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BB Music Box - 5 CD

BB Music Box - 5 CD
BB Music Box - 5 CD
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Music is part of our life as medical expert around the world, based on various scientific experiments and records confirmed that the baby would be able to feel the music while still inside the mother's womb and therefore leaving a lasting impression on them. At the learning stage, your child will be able to follow the rhythm while learning to sing and dance. In order to develop the child's brainpower and philosophy of life, there is a must for them to establish a contact with the music when young. Through this gentle, lively and loverly music, it will definitely help to develop a child's character and intellectual. It will certainly enrich your child's mind thus satisfying your child's need.

5 CD include :

- Bedtime lullabies

- Rising up Music

- Mealtime Music

- Playtime Music

- Prenatal Education Music

CD BB Music - Bedtime Lullabies

Product Description :

1 Schubert's Lullaby 2 Brahms's Lullaby 3 Goodnight Dear Dolly 4 The Spring Song 5 Rocking The Cradle 6 A Crescent Moon 7 Little Paper Boats 8 The Bodhi Tree 9 Go To Sleep, Little One 10 Santa Lucia 11 Goodnight, Moon 12 A Starry Silent Night 13 Soul Of A Loving Mother 14 A Graceful Lullaby 15 My Mother 16 The Night Wind Chime 17 Love In The Heaven 18 Angel's Lullaby 19 I Miss You ! Ma Ma 20 The Serenade 21 A Child's Dream 22 A Love Dream 23 A Tender Heart 24 Good Times

CD BB Music Box Rising Up Music

Product Description :

BB MUSIC BOX : RISING UP MUSIC 1 Good Habits 2 Small Eyes 3 Fresh Air 4 Flying With A Bird 5 Exercise, My Darling ! 6 I Love Exercise 7 Come And Join In The Dance 8 Fly, Butterfly, Fly 9 A Happy School 10 Tiny Raindrops 11 The Lily 12 The Morning Sun Shines On My Bed 13 Wake Me Up, Uncle Sun ! 14 The Big Chicken 15 The Bee And The Butterfly 16 What A Fine Spring Day 17 The Lovely Lu Wei Flower 18 I Am Willing 19 Wake Me Up Gently 20The Hen Hatches A Duck's Egg 21 Wake Up Now 22 A Wonderful Music Box 23 Little Bird And Wind Chime 24 Voice Telling Me 25 Joyful And Happy 26 Putting On Clothes, My Baby

CD BB Music Box Mealtime Music

Product Description :

BB MUSIC BOX : MEALTIME MUSIC 1 A Happy Life 2 A Beautiful Meadow 3 The Clear Water Gently Flows 4 A Happy Piglet 5 A Wonderful Mommy And Daddy 6 Carefree Roly Poly 7 The Swing Under The Moon 8 Mother Telling A Story 9 Grow Up Quickly ! 10 Delicious 11 Teeth Growing 12 The Greatest Mother 13 The Kite 14 Little Hammock 15 Welcome To My Home 16 Malt Candy 17 Good Child 18 Drink More Water 19 The Little Ice Box 20 The Shooting Star 21 Sweet Flowers 22 Fishis In Crystal Clear Water 23 Eating Carefully 24 Playing in The Water 25 Santa Lucia 26 The Lazy Kitten

CD BB Music Box Playtime Music

Product Description :

BB MUSIC BOX : PLAYTIME MUSIC 1 The Sound Of Music 2 Its A Small World 3 Wishing You A Happy Birthday 4 Learning To Sing 5 Thank You, My Friend! 6 Happy Cooking 7 The Cat Chasing The Rat 8 The Little Wooden Horse 9 Dancing Puppet 10 Doll Of Clay 11 Happy Hiking 12 Arrival Of The New Year 13 The Playful Kitten 14 Playing On The Swings 15 The Brave Trumpet 16 Folk Dance 17 A Little Magician 18 Little Frog 19 Toy Car 20 Little Architect 21 Santa Claus 22 A Clever Praying Mantis 23 Little Soldier 24 The Toy Symphony 25 The Toy Song 26 Our Game

CD BB Music Box Prenatal Education Music

Product Description :

BB MUSIC BOX : PRENATAL EDUCATION MUSIC 1 My Darling 2 Happy Little Swan 3 Bamboo Flute Tune 4 Enjoying The Nature 5 A Tender Touch 6 Endless Love 7 The Rainbow Lady 8 The Little March 9 A Rose For You 10 Happy Times 11 The Lovely Setting Sun 12 Greatest Maternal Love 13 A Refreshing Morning 14 I Love My Pa And Ma 15 Affectionate Lullaby 16 Sorry, Ma Ma 17 Be Good, Darling! 18 Thinking Of You 19 Sunrise 20 The Joyful March 21 A Tune For You, Baby ! 22 A Playful Tune 23 Sound Of Nature Chimes 24 Flying Happily 25 Dance Of Carmen 26 Rocking Happily

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