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Vivatec 360 degree toothbrush Step 1 ( 4M - 24 M)

Vivatec 360 degree toothbrush Step 1 ( 4M - 24 M)
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Suitable for 4-24 months

Benefits of Vivatec toothbrushes

  • Circular bristle rings are manufactured by the patented technology which allow each bristle layer to move left and right independently. This function can protect the gums and teeth from damage when brushing with excessive force.
  • The Vivatec 360-degree bristle toothbrush does not use copper wires to fix bundles of bristles on the grooves on the toothbrush back plate. This design prevents toothpaste, fat or protein from hiding in the grooves and prevent the formation of bacteria.
  • More than 10,000 pcs short but highly elastic bristles. It works great for cleaning the tongue and for massaging gum
  • The end-rounded bristles can easily remove plaque on the tooth surface, provide comprehensive care for teeth and gums, and reduce the possibility of trauma to the soft tissues in the oral cavity.
  • The 360 toothbrush's patented design features washers, which bridge between bristle layers, enabling the toothbrush to dry quickly and stay clean.
  • Vivatec 360-degree toothbrush has been tested and approved by the SGS and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.
  • DuPont fiber bristles reduce irritation to the gumline.
  • According to O'Leary's Plaque Control Record, brushing with Vivatec 360-degree toothbrush can reduce plaque, which is twice as effective as a the conventional toothbrush.

Package: 1 pcs

Color :
VIV-INF-B-Blue or
VIV-INF-P-Pink or

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  • Model: VLUX-STEP1

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