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UPANG Plus LED UV Sterilizer 901

UPANG Plus LED UV Sterilizer 901
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  • Model: UP901
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UPang 901 is currently used LED ultraviolet light, LED ultraviolet light is stronger and more efficient than UV bulbs in terms of sterilization ability and lifespan (UV led life is about 4-5 years; so there is no need to change it every 9 months to a year) . The new model UP901 has a total of 9 UV LED lights (upper 6 and lower 3 plus the patented 180-degree rotating disk to ensure zero dead angle disinfection). 3 customary constant modes (auto/ultraviolet/ventilation) and 2 special modes, Turbo 60 mins and Storage mode, are added for the convenience of users.

uPang 901 has the brightest and coolest color and stylish appearance, and has been very popular in Korea.


  • UV light 180 degrees rotation
  • Dual door
  • Led display
  • PTC + infrared ray heating system (remain 40 to 45 degree)
  • Voice guidance
  • Modern design with one touch button

Sterilizer any kind of products such as baby bottles, kitchen products, beauty products, personal hygiene, mobile phone, remote control, electronic toys, plush toys, pet toys, etc….

***Except rubber and latex products.***

Dimension : 325mm x 405mm x 446mm (L x W x H)

Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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