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Unimom K-pop ECO electric breast pump.

Unimom K-pop ECO electric breast pump.
Material: Plastic (BPA free)
Place of origin: Made in Korea
Main Body x1
Breast Shield with Parts x1
5 oz Milk Bottle x1
Bottle Stand x1

Warranty: One-year with Original Receipt

Intended Use

The Breast pump is designed t the following use:
To relieve breast engorgement and express surplus milk.
To enable baby to be fed from bottle with mother’s milk.

Mimics baby’s natural suction allowing faster let down
Extremely quiet and light weight pump enables discreet pumping while on the go
6 suction levels of vacuum including a massage mode
Back flow protection for hygienic pumping
Specially designed silicone massager will massage the breast during dumping which encourage milk flow whilst providing maximum comfort
The converter allow the breast pump to connect to wide neck bottle

How to Use
Express milk alternatively between breasts for not more than 10-15 minutes, every 2-3 hours. It is more effective and better for the breasts when you pump frequently rather than pumping for long periods of time
Easy way to control. Turn the unit on after resembling all the parts
After 2 minutes in the massage mode (level 1), adjust the level properly until best milk and comfort
LED light on the unit blinks faster as the level increase from 1-5, light stops blinking and stayon once it reached to maximum level 6

Cleaning and Sterilization
Clean all parts thoroughly and wipe main body with a clean damp cloth immediately after each use

Sterilize the kit as per the sterilizer manufacture instructions. Dry all parts prior to assembly
The main body do not need to be washed as they are isolated from body fluids
When unit is not to be used for extended period, store carefully in a cool, dry place

Clean your hands and sanitise the kit before using the breast pump

Do not overfull the bottle more than 4 oz. level
It’s recommended to feed directly to baby if this is not possible please refer to the guidelines below:
Room temperature (26°C or lower) up to 3 hours (do not store milk in hot weather)
Refrigerator 4°C or lower keeps up to 1 day
Freezer -18°C or lower up to 3 months

Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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