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Ulmuka Duo Sterilizer & Dryer

Ulmuka Duo Sterilizer & Dryer
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  • Model: UL0871

Features and Benefits

  • Sterilizer & Dryer: Start off with 10 minutes steam sterilization, followed by 40 minutes of dry air dying. One button easy control for error-free convenience.
  • Quick drying: Powerful airi circulation design allows dry air to reach all surface areas that need to be dried. 2 options: 10 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • LCD time display: Displays remaining minutes on the cycle.
  • Breast pump: Included accessories rack allows various breast pump parts to be sterilized and dried.
  • LCD temperature control: Internal temperature control allows you to monitor condition inside chamber.
  • Steam sterilization: During steaming sterilizer reaches boiling temperature of 100 degree. At this temperature even bacteria are unable to be removed during soap washing can be destroyed.
  • Extra-large volume chamber: Allows up to 8 bottles of different brands to be sterilized and dried at once.
  • Baby feeding utensils: Chamber can fit utensils of different shapes and sizes such as baby dinnerware, plates, and pacifiers.

Product information
Country of Origin China

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