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Brand: B@bi
It is used to measure the temperature of the baby's bathing water, and it is convenient to adjust the most comfortable bathing water temperature.There is a flashing light warning for excessive water temperature (preset 39°C, which can be adjusted by yourself) and a flashing light warning for low wat..
HK$85.00 HK$99.00
Brand: bebe confort
Equipped with infrared technology, the Bébé Confort duo thermometer enables to measure your child's temperature without undressing him.The forehead mode displays the result in 3 seconds and enables you to control child's fever..
HK$499.00 HK$699.00
Brand: Dr. Dickson
1  x seahorse bath thermometer 3  x cute marine life bath toys..
HK$60.00 HK$68.00
Brand: Dreambaby
The Dreambaby Bath Tub Thermometer takes the guesswork out of knowing if your baby’s bath is too hot or cold. Simply submerge the tail in the water and wait for the indicator to stop moving.  When the indicator is in the green section, you will know the temperature is just right.  Eas..
HK$34.00 HK$38.00
Brand: Dreambaby
The Dreambaby Large Display Digital Thermometer is equipped with a state of the art fever alert light-up indicator. The display will instantly turn red if a fever – temperature above 37.0c – is indicated and green if temperature is within normal range.Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius Flexibl..
HK$96.00 HK$119.00
Brand: KuKu Duckbill
Kuku Duckbill digital thermometer is extremely user-friendly and can read body temperatures. - Fever alarm indicates the temperature is above 37.8 °C- Quick, easy and reusable- Gives temperature readings - oral, underarm and anus- Protective cover- Safety flexible soft tip Made in Taiwan..
HK$79.00 HK$89.00
Brand: Minimoto
Use to check the water temperature easily while bathing..
HK$43.00 HK$49.00
Brand: Nuk
With this Thermometer it's safe to take temperature as measuring fluid based on natural canola oil. The thermometer is shatterproof and retains its shape. Cheerful water world motifsBPA Free Package : 1 pcs..
HK$44.00 HK$49.00
Brand: Nuk
With this Thermometer it's safe to take temperature as measuring fluid based on natural canola oil. BPA Free..
HK$33.00 HK$35.00
Brand: Nuk
With this Thermometer it's safe to take temperature as measuring fluid based on natural canola oil. BPA Free..
HK$33.00 HK$35.00
Brand: Nuvita
Non contact infrared thermometer First of all it is very small and easy to use thermometer with the
 latest IR technology. Also, enables measurement of the body or object temperature without actually touching. Therefore it can measure temperature hygienically and without disturbing your child. Also..
HK$569.00 HK$599.00
Brand: PiyoPiyo
1 ) For measuring water temperature for bath2) Place inside the baby's room for measuring room temperature..
HK$49.00 HK$55.00
Brand: Skip*Hop
Before baby’s bathtime, use our Moby bath thermometer to ensure the water isn’t too hot or cold for your little one. When not in use, suction to any tiled surface for easy storage and safe-keeping. Color changing LED, to indicate hot or “just right temperature” Suction to tub or wall when not in..
HK$179.00 HK$199.00
Brand: Suavinex
The Bubbles thermometer is a quick and effective way of checking whether the temperature of the bath is suitable for your baby. What is more, if you put its ring in the water, it makes bubbles, so you can have plenty of fun with your baby. Ideal for baby's daily care. Package :    1 pcs ..
HK$59.00 HK$69.00
Brand: Terraillon
Unique 4-in-1 thermometer  : bath temperature, ambient temperature, timer and clock Flashing light alarm (10 minute bath time and temperature control) Scan function: calculates the temperature every second for 10 seconds Fast and accurate Large LCD screen Specification : LCD screen I..
HK$312.00 HK$339.00
Brand: Terraillon
Multipurpose Infrared Probe Thermometer- Forehead Reading: Measure temperature of the forehead- Ear Reading: Measure temperature of the eardrum (the eardrum reflects the temperature of the nerve centre located in the brain, which regulates body temperature) Large LCD screen for easy reading Ergono..
Brand: Tommee Tippee
This pack of 40 replacement hygienic covers is for use with the closer to nature® Digital ear thermometer. ..
HK$49.00 HK$52.00
Brand: Ulmuka
The product helps to provide a safe and comfortable environment which is suitable for your baby during bathing. The water temperature and warning is shown if the water temperature is too hot or too cold for baby. Features - LED alert temperature: > 39oC (can be adjust the temperature..
HK$88.00 HK$108.00
Brand: Ulmuka
Ear & Forehead measuring20 set of Memory CapacityDate & TimeRoom Temperature..
HK$279.00 HK$368.00
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