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Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bags - 30 pcs

Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bags - 30 pcs
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  • Model: SPT-A108TS

Package :  30 pcs

Features :

After sterilization and sterilization treatment, the package is sealed to ensure the aseptic and hygienic milk bags

The bag surface is provided with hot and cold temperature measurement and induction tips to easily understand the storage temperature of breast milk

It is made of Polyethylene safe materials, does not contain bisphenol A chemical materials, tasteless, non-toxic, can safely store breast milk

Upright design at the bottom, can be stored upright after pouring breast milk

Double dense seal, one is true, effectively avoid breast milk leakage and isolate bacteria

Mom can fill in the date and time in the space for easy recording

The scale is printed on the bag, which can accurately know the capacity of breast milk

Product Specifications:

Heat and cold degree: 101℃ to -10℃

Capacity: 200ml

Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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