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Softtouchbaby Childeran's cotton sweat towel

Softtouchbaby Childeran's cotton sweat towel
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  • Availability: Available
  • Model: STB-8823

Package: 3 pieces

Size: 24cm x 43cm

  • Children are lively and active, sweat a lot. Put a sweat towel on the child’s back, which is faster than changing clothes and change at any time. You are not afraid of catching cold
  • Using 100% high-quality cotton, soft and comfortable texture, good sweat absorption, high air permeability
  • No coloring, no fluorescence, no fragrance, no skin irritation
  • Natural antibacterial processing, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, helps to reduce common skin diseases such as dermatitis and dampness in babies
  • Special glove design, mothers only need to put the sweat towel on the hand when changing, and push the sweat towel from the upper back to the neckline with the palm of the hand, which is easy to use
  • 24x43cm, can cover the entire back of the child, suitable for school-age children, to prevent the clothes from getting wet with sweat, and sticking to the body may make the child easy to catch a cold
Tags: Towel , Softtouch

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