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SmarTrike T1 3 in 1 Scooter - Pink

SmarTrike T1 3 in 1 Scooter - Pink
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The perfect vehicle from the beginner to the scooter master!

The three-stage smarTrike scooter T1 is a clever and innovative Scooter for your child at the age of 15 months and up. Step by step your little one can learn the skills it takes to drive like a pro.

Stage 1: Seating Position

At the age of 15 months up to about 24 months your child will be using the scooter in the first stage. This easy sitting position provides your little one with maximum support and trains his or her sense of balance at the same time.

Stage 2: Practicing and getting confidence

After the first practice phase, the seat can be removed and your child can start making the first attempts at riding the scooter in a standing position. The T-lock function is activated and prevents a tipping of the handlebar. Between the 2nd and 3rd year of life your child will get more confident and then practices like a champ.

Stage 3: Freestyle mode

After the second practice phase and at the age of approx. 3 years, your child is ready to move on to the Freestyle mode. In order to make this mode work, you simply need to turn the T-lock and activate the tilt mechanism of the handlebar. The skills you child has learnt in the stages before are now used.

The height-adjustable seat and the telescopic pushrod adapt perfectly to the respective stages of your little one’s development. That rubber footboard and the Rubber handles provide excellent support and make your child feel safe. The rear spring steel brake is easily accessible and allows a safe driving experience.

Another highlight are the fancy wheels in fluorescent colours. Furthermore, the scooter T1 features a matching monster bag on the handlebar in which all the necessities and niceties of your child can be stored.


  • 3 in 1 learning scooter for children from 15 months up to 5 years
  • Rubber footboard for maximum support
  • Rubber handles
  • PU wheels for easy riding
  • Height-adjustable foam rubber seat and telescopic push bar
  • Easily accessible spring steel brake
  • Front wheels in fluorescent colours
  • Including matching monster bag

Product information
Country of Origin China
Tags: Scooter , SmarTrike

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