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Clevamama ClevaWedge

Clevamama ClevaWedge
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The Clevamama ClevaWedge with 3 point harness elevates your baby to ease the discomfort caused by Reflux, Colic, Nasal Congestion as well as aiding digestion. Designed with safety in mind the fabric harness helps your baby remain in a safe position. Removable and machine washable cover with anti-slip base. Manufactured using ClevaFoam.

New research from Trinity College Dublin, has found that using a ClevaFoam™ can significantly reduce ‘Flat Head Syndrome’ common in young babies. ClevaFoam™ is scientifically proven to reduce the pressure on your baby’s head by 50% and increase support by 80% during supine rest. Flat Head Syndrome is a condition where the back or side of a baby’s head becomes flattened. This can be a common problem since the recommended sleeping position for babies is on their back. The Back to Sleep Campaign has proven to reduce the risks of SIDS, therefore we strongly recommend that you follow the guidelines as set out by the SIDS organisation. For more information on the prevention of SIDS, visit

Once your baby is able to roll over freely, the ClevaWedge is no longer effective in positioning your baby, and its use should be discontinued. Avoid swaddling baby while using this product.

  • Increased elevation helps reduce effects of reflux & colic, nasal congestion, as well as aiding digestion.
  • ClevaFoam protects the round shape of your baby's head and helps prevent flat head syndrome
  • Promotes resting position after feeding as recommended by paediatricians

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