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Simba milk powder container

Simba milk powder container
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  • Model: S9942

●How to use
1. Put on the stopper, put in the right amount of milk powder, and move the box back up
2. When combining, the openings on both sides are in opposite directions, and you can turn it half a turn clockwise.
3. When opening, the opening should face up to prevent milk powder from spilling out.
4. Pour the powdered milk, align the opening to the mouth of the bottle and shake it gently.

●Product composition
Main body/Said G polypropylene PP. Heat resistance: 100℃ +/-10℃
Clamp: TPR Heat resistance: 80℃+/-10℃
Single layer Capacity: about 360c.c milk powder can be brewed

●Product features
1. Nano biotechnology, smooth and smooth, reduce milk powder stickiness.
2. Sleek cup bottom design, no milk powder residue, easy to clean.
3. Layered independent openings, reduce bacterial breeding, clean and hygienic.
4. The opening plug adopts a fixed type to prevent falling when opened.
5. Fixed and quantitative, saving milk time.

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