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Brand: Simba
Applicable age Suitable for children under 90cm in lengthfeature of product1. The baby bathtub is designed according to ergonomics, which can effectively support the baby's buttocks, back and head when lying in the bathtub.2. The novice dad is more comfortable and convenient when bathing the baby th..
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Brand: Simba
Strictly selected and thickened rayon card clothing, soft and delicate texture, good air permeability, toughness and not easy to break, no cotton wadding.No added alcohol, fragrance, moisturizer, preservative, fluorescent agent, formaldehyde.Use dust-free automatic folding packaging, clean and hygie..
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Brand: Simba
●How to use1. Put on the stopper, put in the right amount of milk powder, and move the box back up2. When combining, the openings on both sides are in opposite directions, and you can turn it half a turn clockwise. 3. When opening, the opening should face up to prevent milk powder from spilling out...
HK$69.00 HK$79.00
Brand: Simba
Product Features 1. The 360-degree transparent rotating colander is specially designed to prevent the milk powder from overflowing. 2. Brewing milk, fixed and quantitative, use one grid, turn one grid, convenient and easy to use. 3. You can pre-fill milk powder, go out, and make milk in the middle..
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Brand: Simba
The high-performance plastic shaft and soft cotton head are used to gently care for the delicate skin of the baby..
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Brand: Simba
Suitable from new born1) Rounded tips design2) easy to grip handle3) with magnifier glass ...
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