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Babymate ikids Tracker - Yellow

Babymate ikids Tracker - Yellow
Babymate ikids Tracker - Yellow
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  • Model: BM-007Y

1. Product introduction

iKids Tracker is currently the best performing Bluetooth wireless tracking tool. Using your smart device such as a mobile phone, it can be used to prevent the loss of children or pets, the elderly with dementia, and the loss of personal valuables. After starting this product, a wireless protection net will be formed for you. When the set object exceeds the set warning range, an alarm will be triggered to remind you that the set object has left the set safe distance, and you can take immediate action, and Reduce the risk of loss.

In addition, you can also use GPS, GSM and Google Map to locate your stationary objects, such as the parking location of a car, to facilitate your search. With such a positioning system, when the signal that detects the movement of the BM-007 disappears, your smart device will automatically record the location at the time of the interruption, and you can know the direction you are looking for through this positioning system.

2. The mobile phone must meet the following specifications:

Hardware part: Must have Bluetooth 4.0 specification

OS software: iOS 6.0 or higher, iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S, New iPad/4/Mini/Air

Above Android 4.3, as long as there is Bluetooth 4.0 specification, any brand has to

---- Samsung, Sony, hTC, LG...

3. Main function:

a. Child loss prevention function (alarm distance 2m ~ 15m can be set)

b. Two-way search-BM-007 for mobile phone, BM-007 for mobile phone

c. When the phone is muted or vibrated, remind the owner of incoming calls

d. BM-007 remote control can be used to take pictures, especially suitable for selfies

e. Locate stationary objects and search with Google Map

f. One mobile phone can install 4 BM-007

g. Free App (iStuffFinder) on Apple Store and Google Play

The installation instructional video can be watched at the following URL:

For iOS


For Android :


4. Maximum search range:

50 meters (164 feet)

5. Stay away from the alarm range:

Close range: 5m±3m (2m~8m)

Long distance: 10 meters & plusmn; 5 meters (5 meters ~ 15 meters)

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