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Ginger Ginger Rose and Ginger Hand Cream 50 ml

Ginger Ginger Rose and Ginger Hand Cream 50 ml
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Brand introduction:
The founder saw the wisdom of the ancestors' creation of the structure, so he developed the "Two Mu Tian", with the concept of caring for the earth and treating oneself well, and launched the brand of "Jiangxin Bixin".
The word ginger is composed of two fields, which means that everyone has two mu of fields in his heart. One mu of field is his heart and the other is his body. After taking care of the two acres of fields for his body and mind, There is better energy to exert one's abilities.
Ginger is a good natural material. It helps improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, reduce pain and other problems, and make people full of vitality. Jiangxin Bixin products bring this precious earth resource to the public and spread health and vitality!


Combining herbal extracts such as rose fragrance and ginger essential oil, with the noble and elegant floral fragrance of rose, the texture is delicate and easy to be absorbed by the skin, leaving your hands white and maintaining elasticity! Give hands moisturizing care.

Suitable skin type: mild texture, suitable for normal skin types.


How to use: Take an appropriate amount on the center of your palm, and gently rub and massage your palms to produce a warm feeling to warm your hands and help prevent dryness of your hands.

Notes: Please perform a skin test for the first use. If the skin becomes unwell after use, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

Preservation method: Please put it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to avoid deterioration.

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan
Tags: Hand Cream , Ginger

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