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Richell 3 way POTTIS Step & Potty - White

Richell 3 way POTTIS Step & Potty - White
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What's advantages of chair-type potties? Easy to let baby sit.

Advantage 1
It helps babies to get accustomed to the adult size toilet in their early ages.

Advantage 2
Most potty training gadgets require their legs wide open when toileting. Pottis helps babies toileting with their legs closed.

3 steps: Available in use for long-run periods.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
11 months and older. 18 months and older. 24 months and older.

Try toileting
with mom's help!

Try toileting
with hand-grips!

Try adult size
toilet with no help!

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Country of Origin China

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