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RayQueen JHS-400S Multi-Purpose UV Sterilizer - Champagne Gold

RayQueen JHS-400S Multi-Purpose UV Sterilizer - Champagne Gold
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  • Model: RQ-MFS002

▸3 in 1 Multi-Purpose UV Sterilizer:
With the advanced technology in UV sterilization, Low temp drying and Automatic ventilation, it can destroy the DNA and RNA structure of the bacteria, virus and micooganism, which can kill them to death or make them not breeding further, leading to the total effect of sterilizarion.

▸Wide Range of Applications:
Conveniently sanitize Baby Products such as baby bottles, teats, breast pump accessories, bowl & dishes, towels, toys, toothbrushes etc. And it is applicable for sanitizing mobile phones, electronics & more.

▸Easy, Smart Operation:
Place the items (such as baby bottles, bowls and toys, etc.) into the machine and close the door, turn the button to select the appropriate mode, and then press it to start.

▸High-quality Stainless Steel:
The inside of sterilizer is made of Korea High-quality SUS304 stainless steel which can maximize internal reflection to ensure full UV sterilization.

▸Germany OSRAM Sterilization Lamp:
Equipped with Germany OSRAM 6W Sterilization Lamp, eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria including Salmonella, E.Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus, has been validated by Korea Testing and Research Institute.

▸PTC Heater with Low Temp Drying:
Quiet Drying Feature at Low Temperature can make sure every object is completely dry.

▸Automatic Ventilation:
The independent ventilation fan can eliminate the smell left inside the machine quickly and always keep it dry and clean. It circulates fresh air throughout the inside of sterilizer from 5 minutes before the machine finish.

Dimension :

(Outer)H:350mm x W:250mm x D:370mm
(Inner)H:280mm x W:200mm x D:280mm

Color : Champagne Gold and White (for main body)

Weight : 4kg

Orgin : Korean

Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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