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Q-BBY dog toddler toothbrush - 3 pcs (3-6 years old)

Q-BBY dog toddler toothbrush - 3 pcs (3-6 years old)
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Applicable age: 3-6 years old


Features: Q-shaped handles are cute than dogs, so that the baby at home can enjoy Q-BBY every time they brush their teeth The fun of brushing teeth can enhance the interaction between parents and children. The use of soft bristles can protect the gums, effectively eliminate tartar and prevent tooth decay. The special non-slip grip design makes it easier to use. The small brush head and slender handle can easily remove dirt from any angle in the mouth.

Material indication: brush handle material-P.P anti-slip pad material: PPR bristle material-high grade nylon

bristle specification-SOFT heat resistance temperature-80oC

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