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Pureen Anti Bacterial Powder Detergent (A-B-D)

Pureen Anti Bacterial Powder Detergent (A-B-D)
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  • Model: 2801813


  • Kills Germ - Powerful oxidising action that kills harmful germs effectively.
  • Cleanses – Superb cleaning action that removes stubborn stains and dirts.
  • Non-Chlorine Bleach – Contains Perborate that bleaches safely for both white nappies and coloured clothing.
  • Brightens fabrics.
  • Freshens – Unique fragrance that leaves fabrics smelling fresh.
  • No pungent odour even after overnight soaking.
  • Super concentrated and biodegradable.
Content 1.2 Kg
Tags: Detergent , Pureen

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