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Puku Month & Hand Wipes - 25 pcs

Puku Month & Hand Wipes - 25 pcs
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No fragrance, no alcohol, no fluorescent agent

Special for hand and mouth. Gentle care
ISO qualified factories strictly control quality, made of ultra-tough and thick rayon cotton, EDI ultra
pure water, no alcohol, fluorescent agent, fragrance-free, mild and non-irritating, no cause
Skin allergies. Food-grade raw materials can be safely used on the whole body, hands and mouth. It has a good cleansing effect. It can clean and care for the baby's tender skin at any time when changing diapers, at home, traveling and going out.

Product ingredients: rayon cotton, EDI ultrapure water, moisturizer, farnesol.
Product size: 20x15cm / 25 pcs

Made in Taiwan

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