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Puku Feeding Bottle Steriliser & Dryer

Puku Feeding Bottle Steriliser & Dryer
Puku Feeding Bottle Steriliser & Dryer
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  • Model: SP10610

Sterilization, drying, negative ion deodorization • all-round disinfection

Negative ion antibacterial Bentun A drying releases negative ions at the same time, and hygiene is upgraded.
Built-in whirlpool drying patent design, so that the drying effect is improved.
Super large capacity, can sterilize 8 bottles at a time, and can be used for weaning.
Duobian 鉯嚝陧G separate disinfection, separate drying, automatic (disinfection + drying).
Microcomputer control one click. Automatically cut off power after completion, easy operation.

Automatically controlled by microcomputer, continuous sterilization with high temperature steam for more than 9 minutes, strong sterilization, and automatically send hot air to dry the bottle and internal environment after sterilization is completed, which can reduce bacterial growth and is safe< br />Reliable. You can sterilize 8 baby bottles at a time. There are three options. Bentun G separate sterilization, separate drying, sterilization+drying, it can be completed by pressing a single button, and the power will be automatically turned off after completion. The operation is easy and convenient, and the use is the most secure An indispensable intimate helper for modern moms!

Product size: 28.5x24.7x40.7cm

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Country of Origin China

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