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PiyoPiyo Cool Pillow

PiyoPiyo Cool Pillow
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Dual-use ice pillows with different temperatures on the front and back sides

In the middle of the pillow is a special cooling agent (edible propylene glycol), which can be kept soft and not hardened even in the freezer. The soft design can be close to the head and has good safety. It can be used by babies to adults.

Two pillows with different temperatures, the front side (with the picture of the duckling) is used when sleeping, and the back side is used for fever (reducing fever and reducing swelling).
Because a special cryogen is used, it will not harden after cooling.
The cushion in the front pillow can prevent overcooling when sleeping.

How to use: Store flat in the freezer for at least four hours.

Place of manufacture: Taiwan

If the coldness is too strong or there are water droplets on the surface, please wrap it in a towel before using it. When storing it in the freezer or storing it normally, it must be placed horizontally.
Do not heat, long-term sunlight, or place it in dry ice and cool down below minus 30 degrees.
Please keep it in a dark place after taking it out of the refrigerator.
Do not use hard or sharp objects to collide.
The pillow’s filling is made of fiber and cryogen. If it gets on your hands, wipe it off with a cloth and then wash it off with soap.

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