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Babymoov Lovenest + Baby Pillow - Galaxy Grey

Babymoov Lovenest + Baby Pillow - Galaxy Grey
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A genuinely ergonomic, thermoregulating head support for baby

As with the Original Lovenest, this baby pillow has been developed by the French Pedeatrican Dr Maidenberg to prevent from the plagiocephaly syndrome (flat head). The Lovenest + provides a new shape, Coolmax antibacterial fabric which wicks away perspiration and regulates the temperature. Non-slip back for use in beds, bouncers, swings and car seats.

Lovenest +: a baby pillow for more comfort and safety!

Can be used from 0_months
Using technology developed by French pediatrician Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, the Lovenest+ is ergonomic head support that keeps baby's head nice and round. Its angle of incline and special shape are suited to the shape of an infant_™s skull, while at the same time ensuring an even distribution of pressure across baby_™s head. The Lovenest+ also offers real support without restricting freedom of movement. With its antibacterial, thermoregulating Coolmax® fabric, it adapts to baby_™s temperature for perfect comfort.

Why you will love the Lovenest + head rest
- A technology developed by the pedeatrician Dr. Maidenberg
- A special recline and shape to guarantee that pressure is spread over baby's skull to keep a nice round head
- Thermo-regulating and antibacterial Coolmax® Fabrics : unique fabric which eliminates perspiration and regulates temperature for maximum comfort
- Non-slip for added safety
- Wide, padded head hugger to adapt to baby's growth
- Fits with any bed, bouncer, swing and car seat. Can be used overnight
- Never leave baby alone unsupervised

Why use the Lovenest +
The pediatrician Dr. Maidenberg says: "In 1994, recommendations that babies should sleep on their backs led to a reduction in cot deaths. In the weeks that followed the widespread take-up of this new sleeping position, I saw increasing numbers of babies in my consultation room presenting cranial asymmetry: positional plagiocephaly. I was sure it was possible to find a simple and effective means of preventing this, so I worked on it with children's fashion designer Gina Diwan. That's how the Lovenest range came into being: products designed to prevent that flat-head syndrome.

Technical features
- Materials: cotton, polyester and elastane
- Suggest handwash_at 30°C
- Dimensions: 24 x 4.7 x 30 cm

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