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Petit Bird Bamboo Fiber Baby Changing Mat - Ice-Cream

Petit Bird Bamboo Fiber Baby Changing Mat - Ice-Cream
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The surface layer is made of bamboo fiber cotton, which has good water absorption and comfortable touch. The middle layer is made of 100% polyester fiber film, which can effectively isolate water and liquid penetration; the bottom layer is made of 100% polyurethane, which is highly waterproof and breathable (moisture) material, can withstand high water pressure, and will not penetrate at all Leakage. It can effectively isolate the baby's urine, saliva contaminates the mattress, prolong the service life of the mattress, and block the entry and exit of dust mites, achieving a physical anti-mite effect.

Material :

surface layer of bamboo fiber cotton; middle layer of polyester film (Polyester film); bottom layer of polyurethane (Polyurethane)

Size: 65cm x 85cm

Origin: Korea

Product information
Country of Origin China

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  • Model: PB-005C

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