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People Okome Rice Trumpet

People Okome Rice Trumpet
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In the "Rice Toys Series", 51% of the raw materials are made in Japan. Not only Japanese rice is used, but the production is also done in Japan!! This launch combines 4 kinds of fruit and vegetable colors, completely free of paint, You don’t have to worry about your baby putting toys in your mouth. The structure of the toy is also very particular. There are no protruding screws on the surface of the toy. It is assembled carefully and strictly controlled by quality!

The brand new "colorful rice horn biting toy", super lightweight The design is 40% lighter than the old model, and it is easier to handle with small hands! 
No matter it is blowing or sucking, it will make a sound!! Let the baby about 8 months old learn the instrument easily, and can also train the lung capacity. ! 
(No battery required) Single-sided handle, thin and light body design, hold it firmly, you can bite and lick it for satisfaction. The high and low wavy touch of the mouth is fully satisfying the baby's fingers for fun! 

"Rice toy series", exudes a faint fragrance of rice, made in Japan, so you don’t have to worry about putting it in your mouth Bite and lick, it is the best choice for new students' full moon or birthday gifts~ 

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Country of Origin Japan
Tags: People

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