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Nuvita Video Baby Monitor (3052)

Nuvita Video Baby Monitor (3052)
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  • Model: 5350555016250

This Nuvita baby monotor is definitely the most complete video baby monitor in the new range.

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz FHSS digital technology and a 5”color display, combined with a night vision infrared camera and the possibility to be remotely controlled with a 270/90 degree inclination and zoom function; is definitely the ideal product for those parents who want the best technology available in a single Video Baby Monitor.

Equipped with “talk and listen” function allows the parent to easily interact with the child in case of sudden or slight awakening during the hours of rest. Thanks also to the 4 lullabies present in the device, the parent can interact to calm the child during the slight awakenings.

Thanks to the sensor present in the child unit, parents are able to keep the temperature of the child’s bedroom under control. The baby unit is also equipped with a microphone with high sensitivity able to capture even the slightest of sounds, while the screen is equipped with a visual indicator of the sound levels picked up by the baby unit.

Despite being a concentrate of technology, thanks to the VOX function the batteries allow a duration of 16 hours of use in standby mode. The parent unit is equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries while the baby unit is equipped with a power supply; both included.

Key Features :

  • 2.4GHz FHSS digital technology.
  • 300 mt max range.
  • 5″ Colour display (TFT 480 x 272 resolution).
  • Remote 270° pan, 90° tilt and zoom Function.
  • Talk & Listen.
  • High-sensitivity microphone.
  • Visual sound level indicator.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Infrared Night Vision.
  • 4 lullabies.
  • 8h standby.
  • VOX function.
  • Parent unit – lithium rechargeable battery (adapter included).
  • Baby unit – power adapter (included).

VOX technology :

Vox technology is based on the volume measured in dB of a sound or a noise.

Thanks to the sensor in the baby monitor it activate automatically as soon as the sensor detects a noise in the room or the baby’s cry.

This system combined with the capacity of the device, allows to use it even in very large environments.

The use in Vox mode, also allows to save battery consumption and therefore the need to recharge.

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