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Nuvita DreamWizard 10 in 1 Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Pillow - Pink Flower

Nuvita DreamWizard 10 in 1 Pregnancy And Breastfeeding Pillow - Pink Flower
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  • Model: 5350555005339

DreamWizard is the only pillow with adjustable back support no matter the mother’s height and phase of pregnancy.

DreamWizard dissuades the mother from turning over in her sleep, favouring a position on the left side. It is the best position for both mother and baby because it helps blood circulation. If the mother turns to her right side, the support holds up her belly for a better comfort.

If used as a breastfeeding pillow, DreamWizard provides the ideal support for both the mother’s and baby’s comfort.

The microbead filling makes DreamWizard hypoallergenic, breathable and adjustable to the shape of mother’s body. It allows the mother to adjust the distance between the baby and her breast, so she can suckle in a comfortable and relaxed manner, and the baby can suck effortlessly. Keeping the correct posture and a good distance between the breast and the baby’s mouth will avoid the ingestion of air during feeding and diminish the chance of irritation to the nipple.

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