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Brand: Nuk Model: 40256897
Measures without touching baby’s forehead (hygienic measuring) Quick and precise: result within 1 second Immediate high temperature alert Digital display Versatile use: can measure temperature of baby food, bath water and room temperature NUK Baby Thermometer Flash, Infrared Transmitter for N..
HK$299.00 HK$399.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40272802
Extra thick, extra soft, fragrance free. Ideal for us at when changing diaper and as freshing-up wipes..
HK$75.00 HK$117.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40254806
With this Thermometer it's safe to take temperature as measuring fluid based on natural canola oil. The thermometer is shatterproof and retains its shape. Cheerful water world motifsBPA Free Package : 1 pcs..
HK$44.00 HK$49.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40251804
Made of natural plant fiber Please clean the NUK bath sponge before using it for the first time, and clean it after each use. The sponge will become hard after drying for a long time. Re-immersing it in water will restore its softness. Package: 1 pcs..
HK$30.00 HK$34.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256818
The elastic bristles and handles can effectively clean all kinds of pacifiers and baby bottles It can not only clean the bottom of the baby bottle, but also thoroughly clean the crevices and dead corners The nipple brush is cleverly embedded in the bottle brush..
HK$43.00 HK$49.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256841
For hygienic & protecting yourself, it's the best way to use bottle tongs as you take out the bottle after sterilisation...
HK$17.00 HK$19.00
Brand: Nuk Model: RCC20
Ideal for changing nappies or baby’s play time Light and easy to carry around size : about 50 x 77 cm..
HK$76.00 HK$94.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40251802
‧ 100pcs‧ Pure cotton‧ Soft‧ Absorbent‧ Hygieneic..
HK$10.00 HK$21.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256837
Strong, stainless steel diaper pins with rounded heads for extra safety6 pcs per pack..
HK$18.00 HK$20.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40252811
Combines high efficiency, a gentle feeling and simple use Soft silicone cushion with special textured surface to stimulate milk flow Ergonomic, smooth-action lever Including NUK Breast Milk Container, screw ring, sealing disc, NUK First Choice+ Silicone Teat 0-6m (Size S for breast..
HK$439.00 HK$556.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40252814
Efficient: 2-step rhythm, step 1: stimulates milk flow, step 2: expresses efficiently, switch steps as you like Gentle: adjustable for maximum comfort Soft: super-soft textured silicone cushion for pleasant massage and optimal fit Flexible: battery or mains operated.  Worldwide tra..
HK$699.00 HK$1,120.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40255802
Feed your baby with love & care with this fork & spoon set featuring soft & anti-slip handle. Specially designed to fit in baby's small mouth..
HK$35.00 HK$38.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256848
Independently divided tanks to keep the environment dry Integrated storage tank for easy storage of various cleaning supplies such as soap Provide a convenient and clean bathing process, ideal for bathing newborns..
HK$65.00 HK$72.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40717802
To protect sensitive nipples during breastfeeding To prevent sore nipples (painful breastfeeding) Optimised shape for more skin contact With different surface structures and four drinking openings - for a natural drinking feeling Secure in any breastfeeding position Made of gossamer-thin silico..
HK$78.00 HK$88.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256844
The non-slip surface is convenient for children to stand safely. Prevent babies/children from slipping while bathing. The suction cup is sturdy, and the non-slip mat is properly fixed. If the water temperature is too hot during bathing, parents will be warned by the "+37c" warning symbol.Size: 57..
HK$99.00 HK$112.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256870
The Nuk Oral Care Finger brush is great for massaging gums and cleaning baby's first teeth.Made of soft, germ-free and coating-free microfibers, it fits neatly onto adult fingers to make cleaning your baby's mouth cavity and teeth a breeze while also massaging gums for pain relief during the teethin..
HK$50.00 HK$55.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40733814
- Anatomical Shape Shield - Classic Design child-friendly - Soothers have the orthodontic NUK shape, anatomical shield and designs derived from the lively world of children. Suitable for 6 - 18 monthsLatex TeatBPA Free Made in Germany..
HK$49.00 HK$56.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40255828
The Nuk Food Pots are ideal for filling with homemade puree, keeping in the fridge or even freezing. It’s best to put puree into the fridge or freezer shortly after you have made it. The food pots stack onto each other, which makes them particularly space-saving. So you always have a fresh meal read..
HK$63.00 HK$69.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40255848
Suggest for 8 months +BPA Free..
HK$19.00 HK$25.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40256823
2-piece set with protective ringNUK Brush-and-Bite Teething Trainer, with extra bite effect and targeted massage to relieve teethingNUK Brushing Trainer, to give those first teeth a gentle cleanWith ergonomic anti-slip safety grip and protective ring, so that the brush isn’t pushed too far into baby..
HK$57.00 HK$64.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40262817
Special shape Designed to reach the back teeth.   Textures and reliefs Different textures helps to develop tactile sense to provide gums massage reliefs.   Part removable Stimulates motor coordination, because the child can play with the teether experiencing new sensations. It als..
HK$27.00 HK$29.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40255805
Ergomically designed for easy holding Food grade materail Dishwasher Safe BPA Free Package :  1 set Color : Green or Blue..
HK$52.00 HK$58.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40713807
Nuk Teats are based on the shape of a mother's nipple whilst breastfeeding and are therefore optimally adapted to the baby's oral cavity. The NUK® Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM minimises the risk of infant colic.   Package :  2 pcs Size : 2S Suitable from 6 + months..
HK$37.00 HK$42.00
Brand: Nuk Model: 40709809
Nuk Teats are based on the shape of a mother's nipple whilst breastfeeding and are therefore optimally adapted to the baby's oral cavity. The NUK® Anti-Colic AIR SYSTEM minimises the risk of infant colic.   Package :  2 pcs Size : 1L for thicker feeds Suitable from 0 - 6 months..
HK$37.00 HK$42.00
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