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Nice Lady Maternity Disposable Panties XL

Nice Lady Maternity Disposable Panties XL
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  • Model: DC-072

Comply with the Standards Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of TaiwanCNS15290Textile specifications to ensure peace of mind

. It does not contain mobile fluorescent agents, free formaldehyde, lead, azo dyes, organotin compounds, and protect your health with care.

It has been cleaned before leaving the factory to really clean the disposable pants.
. The bags are all sealed with zipper, which is convenient to store and carry.
. Pre-washed and pre-shrunk, easy to wear without deformation.
. It is machine-packed and folded without human hands, making it cleaner and more hygienic.
. Elegant fragrance, clean and lint-free.

Completely covered, safe and secure.
. The mid-high waist design makes it easy to cover the body.
. The fan-shaped elongated piece makes it comfortable and not stuck in the gullet.

. Tailored to the side of the leg and used with a sanitary napkin to prevent lochia.

. Intimate cotton sheet processing, super soft touch without pressure.

. 3D three-dimensional bag hip tailoring, comfortable and not tight.

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan
Tags: Panties , Nice Lady

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