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Mother's Corn 4-way Snack cup Set

Mother's Corn 4-way Snack cup Set
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  • Model: MC435051

Designed for children to learn to feed themselves. Specially designed silicone cover can prevent snacks from pouring out, effectively reducing the chance of soiling. Suitable for home, out and travel. The cup can also be used as a sippy cup or soup bowl.

Content : 240 ml

 Material: PLA (Corn Starch)

Features :

1. Wearning foord for baby food - You can use the feeding spoon which is included in the package for feeding

2. Food Storage - Store left-over-food safely and conveniently with the extra silicone lid

3. Mug cup fo babies

4. Non-spill snack cup

Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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