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Brand: Minimoto Model: YA02041G
Baby 4 in 1 Training potty can be used for Training potty, step stool and training seat.Step 1 Used as Training PottyStep 2 Used as Training seat and Step stoolStep 3Used as Training SeatStep 4Use as Step Stool...
HK$200.00 HK$239.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA01071
Bath Net for tub for holding babyPackage :  1 pcsColor :  Blue or Pink..
HK$76.00 HK$89.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA02011W
Size: 80 x 50.3 x 29cm Simple drainer lets the water flow smoothly With anti-slip on the bottom to secure baby's safety 2 sides of anti-slip armrest provide more comfortable and secure bathing experience to your baby..
HK$175.00 HK$199.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA0202
Bathtub stand    (Bath Tub in not included)The distance from the ground to the bathtub bottom is 74cmBathtub stand with TPR anti-slip capsSupporting weight : below 30kg..
HK$289.00 HK$329.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA0440
Package: 3 pcssize : 25 x 25 cm100% Cotton..
HK$31.00 HK$35.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA0218
1. Designed for baby no teeth, they can't chew and enjoy the delicious fruit and vegetables 2. Easy to eat - Holes in moderate size, suitable for feed 3. East to clean - Easy to tear and assemble BPA Free..
HK$50.00 HK$59.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA0109
Stainless steel bladecan easily cut food into small pieceswith protective cover, safe and hygienic, easy to carryPackage :  1 pcsColor :Red or Blue..
HK$26.00 HK$29.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA05130
– 3-layer composite structure design– 3D interlayer fabric, effective to prevent leakage, high air permeability– Strong water-locking power, dry and comfortable– Bamboo fiber towel surface layer is soft, absorbent, antibacterial– TPU sandwich is light, breathable, easy to wash and easy to dry– The b..
HK$149.00 HK$169.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA08041
Use to check the water temperature easily while bathing..
HK$43.00 HK$49.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA08092
Why Ceramic scissors? 1. Hygienic & Portable - Surface of the blades resists bacteria and germs. Ceramic material is naturally light, with blade cover for supreme hygiene and portability. 2. Stain Resistant & Inert - Ceramic does not react with acids in food and will not be discolored. T..
HK$109.00 HK$128.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA08074
Specially designed for all types of small aperture product, can be used for cleaning different size of straw products...
HK$35.00 HK$39.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YC3014
Suitable from 9 to 36 KgWith a long use period, it can be used from 9 months old to 12 years old. Three different modes to meet the needs of the baby's growth stage. The FCS side protection system and EPS anti-vibration material can effectively fit the baby's head and absorb the impact force of diff..
HK$1,160.00 HK$1,290.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YB2350-1
In summer, keep cool so that your baby can sleep peacefully. Product size :  about 120 x 60 cm..
HK$145.00 HK$169.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YB2354
In summer, keep cool so that your baby can sleep peacefully. Product size :  about 95 x 53 cm..
HK$128.00 HK$149.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA300
120pcs Suitable for baby and adult -Paper Stem, convenient & Safe-Special shape, easy to clean dirt-Fit for baby size: 4 mm-Cotton ball: 100% Cotton-Stem: 100% paper..
HK$26.00 HK$28.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA0215
1. It is used to fix water cups, milk bottles or beverage bottles on baby strollers, children's bicycles or children's toy cars when going out. 2. The clamping car connector can properly adjust the rotation angle of itself to keep the cup body balanced 3. Convenient and easy to carry 4. Hygiene..
HK$53.00 HK$59.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YB87092B-1
Size :  65 x 125 cmMaterial  : Cotton..
HK$129.00 HK$159.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YB58091P-1
Size :  65 x 125 cmMaterial  : Cotton..
HK$129.00 HK$159.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YA0407
Package: 4 pcs with pattern and 2 pcs without patternsize : 30 x 30 cm100% Cotton..
HK$40.00 HK$46.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: HCM004
Size: 49 x 76 x 10cm Suitable for changing nappies Can be used on the changing tableHard Back support for putting on the rail of baby cot. Simply clean it by wet cloth..
HK$220.00 HK$259.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YC3108B
Booster Carseat+ Dinner Chair. Suitable for 5 to 12 years old (22-36 kg )..
HK$342.00 HK$379.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YC3108PP
Booster Carseat+ Dinner Chair. Suitable for 5 to 12 years old (22-36 kg )..
HK$342.00 HK$379.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YU1908X
V-neck vest-style design, doubles the warmth to the shoulders and back; the button on the front is easy to put on and take off, so that the baby can move freely Package: 1 pcs Applicable age: 6-12 months or 1-2 years old Color: blue or yellow YU19081B  6-12 months/blueYU19081Y  6..
HK$99.00 HK$129.00
Brand: Minimoto Model: YU1906X
Good warmth retention; shoulder button opening, easy to put on and take off; round neck design, beautiful and generous; new boneless craftsmanship, more care for the baby's tender skinPackage: 1 pcsColor: blue or yellowSize :  YU19061B -- 6-12 months blueYU19061Y -- 6-12 months yellowYU19062B ..
HK$149.00 HK$199.00
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