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Medipro Nasal Aspirator

Medipro Nasal Aspirator
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Medipro Nasal Aspirator helps parents sucking out the baby nasal mucus in a comfortable, hygienic and effective way. It equipped with 3 color coded soft silicone nozzles which suits the needs from the babies in different age.

  • Gently cleans BB nostrils, easy to use
  • The suction is strong and gentle, about 50kPa
  • Safely suck out excess nose for children over 0 years old
  • With 3 different colors of soft silicone nozzles, suitable for different needs
  • White: Approximately 2mm wide, with a more constricted nose, use it immediately
  • Blue: Approximately 1mm wide, use when the nose is liquid
  • Pink: The mouth is narrower, more suitable for newborn babies
  • Removable suction cup for easy cleaning by immersion in water
  • Unique design, the inner air port can also be cleaned
  • The suction cup and nozzle can be steamed and sterilized, clean and hygienic
  • Supplied with sealing tape for easy carrying
  • The product has passed EMC and RoHS testing and obtained ISO 13485:2003 certification

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