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Babymate wireless armpit thermometer

Babymate wireless armpit thermometer
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  • Model: BM-027

1. Timing of use: Baby who is born to 3 years old is very easy to catch a cold and fever, especially in the middle of the night, parents are already tired and the baby has a fever that does not go away, so you should always take your body temperature, worry about having a high fever, so it is difficult to sleep A good sleep

2. The Babymate wireless armpit thermometer uses RF (radio frequency) technology, no smart phone and APP are needed, only an armpit temperature transmitter patch and a receiving display are enough , The frequency used is only 0.433G, which is much smaller than the 2.4G and 5.0G of mobile phones and WiFi. It will never have any impact on the human body. Moreover, it can be worn through a wall. The armpit temperature transmitter patch is fixed on the Baby's armpit position, and the receiving display is Put it on the bedside table of your parents’ room and you can know the baby’s body temperature at any time. There is also a 38°C fever alarm reminder. You can press a button on the receiving display to cancel the alarm (such as an alarm clock). If the baby’s body temperature rises continuously by 0.2°C, Then the fever alarm sounded again ---- remind parents that they must deal with the baby's fever

In addition, there are also designed alarms for the armpit patch to fall, kick the bedding or the baby to reduce the fever, if the baby When the body temperature shows a continuous drop of 2.0 degrees C, the alarm will sound. On the one hand, it will inform Baby that the fever may be going down, or on the other hand, it may be that the armpit patch has fallen off or was torn off by Baby or kicked the bedding, so Parents must reinstall or cover the bedding
So the Babymate wireless armpit thermometer is a very ideal aid for Baby’s late-night fever. Parents can sleep and watch the baby, but the fever of the baby still needs parents to be careful Take care of.

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