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Mammy Village Self-Control Electric brest pump

Mammy Village Self-Control Electric brest pump
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  • Model: MV98890

One-handed operation and manual pumping, retractable freely, and smooth milk collection.

New upgrade, easy and convenient, to help mommy relieve the discomfort of bulging milk.

Applicable objects: Moms during postpartum breastfeeding.


Product material

All accessories that directly contact breast milk are made of safe and non-toxic materials — PP, TPR (food grade).

1. Breast-collecting cup set– It can help the breasts to be tenderly and tightly during breast-collection, so as to relieve the discomfort during breast-collection.

2. Start button – hold down and continue to pump, release it to stop, and it can meet mommy's needs at any time.

3. Pressure relief button– Click to remove the breast cup.

4. Feeding bottle– You can put on the nipple to feed your baby directly after the milk collection is complete.


Included in the package:

1. Milk bottle cap set

2. Anti-spill breast milk pad (2 pieces)

3. Clean cotton (2 in)

4. Dedicated transformer (AAC-Hong Kong applicable)

5.3 AA alkaline batteries (2 in)

6. Breast milk preservation bag 150ml (3 pieces)

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan

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