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Mammy Village Nursing Pillow

Mammy Village Nursing Pillow
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  • Model: MV39921 / 39922

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There are 9 usages as follows:
1. Nursing pillow: It can reduce the burden on shoulders and arms.
2. Pain relief pad: buckle the pillow and lay it flat and sit on it to avoid pressure on the postpartum wound.
3. Side sleeping pillow: Straighten it and hug it around to help mommy sleep well.
4. Fixed pillow: Let the baby lie down and avoid falling back or sideways.
5. Back pressure relief pillow: It can fill the distance between mommy's back and the seat, reducing back discomfort.
6. Comfortable sleeping pillow: Place the Lohas pillow under the head. The proper softness can make Mommy fall asleep comfortably.
7. Hugging pillow: When sitting or lying down, hug the Lohas pillow to increase warmth.
8. Foot pillow: Putting Lohas pillow under your feet can help reduce the pressure on your feet.
9. Shoulder and neck warmer: You can wrap the Lohas pillow around your neck to help keep your neck warm.

The three-dimensional tailoring design can conform to the curve of the human body.  
The towel cloth surface is made of fine, soft, sweat-absorbing and breathable material.  
There are simple buttons on both ends of the pillow to help fix the Lohas pillow.  
The zipper-style removable and washable cover makes it easy for Mom to take off and wash.  

Length: 155cm, maximum diameter: 20cm 

MV39922 Pink or
MV39921 Pink blue 

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Country of Origin Taiwan

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