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Love Story (Reinforced) waist belt

Love Story (Reinforced) waist belt
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Convenient to use at different stages of confinement

* Correct posture. Reduce waist pain.
* Surgery on the abdomen to fix the wound. Promote uterine contraction after delivery.
* Slimming, waist protection. Prevent sports injuries.

* Double-sided knit design, made of high-strength elastic fiber on the outside, long-lasting elasticity
*Made of 100% cotton inside, strong sweat absorption, good air permeability, and comfortable feeling.
* Special neps design on the inside and outside can enhance the effect of physical massage.
* With a width of 24cm, it can not only tie your waist and abdomen, but also make your hips rounder and stronger.
* With soft hem design, it is comfortable to wear and unrestrained.
* Super soft and thin, super breathable.

S-Waist Circumference 22"-36"
M-Waist Circumference 26"-44"
L-Waist Circumference 32"-52"

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Country of Origin Taiwan

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