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KuKu Duckbill Shampoo Cap

KuKu Duckbill Shampoo Cap
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  • Model: KU1098

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1.It is made of soft and flexible resin which is adjustable according to baby’s head. Protect your baby’s eyes from shampoo and water during washing.

2.Also perfect for haircuts to protect from hair going into neck.

3.It is adjustable hence fits on your baby’s head regardless the size and shape for all age. It is appropriate for babies who are 4 mouths and up.


How to use:

1.Pull cap down gently until it reaches the top of baby’s ears. 

Inner diameter (third button): 40-42cm; Inner diameter (second button): 42-44cm; Inner diameter (first button): 44-46cm.

2.Ensure all hair is exposed and not stuck under the rim of the cap.

3.Wash and rinse your baby’s hair happily and with ease.


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