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KuKu Duckbull 3 in 1 Milk Powder Container

KuKu Duckbull 3 in 1 Milk Powder Container
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KuKu Duckbull 3 in 1 Milk Powder Container, independent design, can be carried according to your needs, allowing you to feel the fun of stacking and organizing. The funnel-shaped outlet allows the milk powder to slip quickly without leaving any residue.
When not containing milk powder, it can be used as a small bowl or storage box to increase the convenience of going out.

-Layered independent milk powder cans: Milk powder, food should be filled from the top and bottom. The large diameter is not easy to spill and is easier to fill. Layered independent openings reduce bacterial growth, clean and hygienic.
-Funnel-shaped outlet: Sleek funnel-shaped outlet, smooth and fast milk powder does not remain, easy to clean.
-Store food at ease: three-tier storage, when not containing milk powder, it can be used as a fresh-keeping box to separate baby food, snacks, etc. Large capacity, small size, more convenient to carry out.
-Going out weaning bowl: when it is necessary to feed the baby paste... etc., you don't need to change the container anymore, just combine the upper and lower lids to turn into a weaning bowl, easy and convenient

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