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KuKu Duckbill Organic Baby Protective Fluid Takum

KuKu Duckbill Organic Baby Protective Fluid Takum
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  • Model: KU1069

Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract and other ingredients increase skin hydration ability, give dry skin softness and elasticity, make the stratum corneum full of moisture and moisture, and make the skin more shiny and vital. The product is a refreshing lotion. There is no need to worry about the baby's nose being uncomfortable when the air is full of excess talcum powder. It can also be used behind the neck and knees of children to maintain body comfort.

How to use
1. Apply to the whole body after bathing, which not only saves the amount for better absorption, but also doubles the beautifying effect.
2. Apply as needed anytime, anywhere to maintain the refreshing feeling of the skin

Capacity: 150 ml

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan
Tags: Takum , KuKu

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