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Haenim UV Sterilizer - Green (non BT)

Haenim UV Sterilizer - Green (non BT)
  • Availability: 3 - 4 days
  • Model: HN-03G

Dual OSRAM UV sterilization lights. Strong sterilizing power; removes up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Super mirror stainless steel 304 ensures no dead zones inside Haenim sterilizer.

PTC heater with maximum temperature of  45˚C for drying to ensure no harmful substances released from plastic materials.

Dual fan system to dry objects thoroughly and eliminates odors.

Extra large capacity for 16 baby bottles.

Widely used for sterilizing baby bottles, teats, utensils, teethers, toys, etc. Latex products and any battery are prohibited.

Four function modes: AUTO/UV/DRY/STORAGE. Sterilized storage for up to 8 hours. After completing your selected function (AUTO/UV/DRY), ‘Storage’ function will commence by repeating 4 cycles. Each cycle (2-hr interval) consists of 1 minute UV and 1 minute ventilation.

Dimension: L: 375mm x W: 295mm x H: 425mm

Product information
Country of Origin Korean

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