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Britax Romer ADVANSAFIX I-SIZE Car Seat - Atlantic Green

Britax Romer ADVANSAFIX I-SIZE Car Seat - Atlantic Green
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ADVANSAFIX i-SIZE keeps your child safe and comfortable, from 15 months to 12 years.

The seat is approved to the latest i-Size standard and comes with a 5-point harness offering an extended use up to 21 kg.

Easily converted for use with the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt, the proven technologies of XP-PAD and SecureGuard offer frontal impact protection, whilst the SICT protects your child from side impacts.

The biggest features:
– The inclination can be adjusted during the ride (different from other brands that need to be removed to adjust)
– 76-100cm (about 1-3 years old), use 5-point seat belts, comfortable shoulder strap protection pads, provide reverse Car protection power
– 100-150cm (about 3-12 years old), use adult seat belts, supplemented by the unique patented XP-Pad seat belt chest protection pad, and the leg protection column Secure Guard, top protection power
– extra narrow chair Body (44cm), more interior space
- extra low seat does not top the roof
- excellent isofix base design, will not withstand the isofix socket, the seat back is more stable and more suitable for RVs such as BMW 5 series, Porsche, Mercedes C class, Tesla S/3/X/Y, etc.
– Patented isofix pins, which can remove the impact force and then remove it back
– with SICT side impact protection, so that this product can easily pass the EU side impact side test

This child safety seat that grows with your child has the Isofix system.

When the height of the child is 76–102cm (max. 21kg), the child safety seat is fixed by ISOFIX fixing points and Top Tether.

When the height is 100-150cm, there are 2 ways to fix the child safety seat: through the car's three-point seat belt and ISOFIX, or only through the car's own three-point seat belt.

This is very practical, you can install this car seat on different kinds of cars, even those without ISOFIX anchors.

There are seat belt guides during installation to avoid installation errors.

This seat is completely developed, designed and produced in Germany, and has FLIP & GROW-Function, which can be adapted to children of different heights and sizes at any time.

First of all, your child will be protected by an integrated five-point seat belt. In addition, when the child reaches 15 kg and the maximum does not exceed 21 kg, it must be replaced from the integrated 5-point seat belt to the car's 3-point seat belt. Secure the child to the seat.

The integrated straps are stowed behind the backrest cover and the shoulder pads can be unfolded for extra padding.

FLIP&GROW means that you can easily convert from a 5-point seat belt to a 3-point seat belt in a car
without removing any parts from the seat, your Advansafix i-Size can be adjusted anytime, anywhere, all age groups. can use.

The machine washable seat cover is designed to be easily removed without removing the seat belt for quick cleaning on the go.

SecureGuard helps protect your child's abdominal area by adding an extra fourth point of contact to the three-point harness, helping to reduce abdominal force by up to 35%* in the event of a frontal crash while keeping your child on the road Free activities in the middle.

Equipped with a seat belt guide system, the seat belt around the waist can be placed in the most perfect position, reducing the risk of injury to the abdomen.

Further safety features are the adjustable SICT side rests and V-shaped head restraints to avoid injury in the event of a side impact. Of course the headrest can be adjusted.
The new Comfort-Feature technology "EasyRecline" allows your baby to rest in a recumbent position at any time.

The new XP-PAD shock-absorbing foam pad can reduce the impact force generated by it by 30% in the event of a frontal collision, providing more protection.

In the event of a collision, Britax's patented Pivot Link ISOFIX system directs force first down to the car seat and then forward more gently – significantly reducing the risk of head and neck injuries for children.

The headrest and seat belt can be easily adjusted from the front of the seat according to the height of the child, and the child can also be easily adjusted while sitting in the seat, and there is no need to readjust the Top Tether.

Tips - The new ventilation design keeps your child comfortable at all times, the back and head and seat area are all breathable.

Applicable age / height: about 15 months to 12 years old / 76-150 cm

ECE group: ECE group R129 (I-size)

Installation: ISOFIX+Top Tether when 76–102cm (max. 21kg); ISOFIX+3-point seat belt or only three-point seat belt when height 100–150cm

Easily convert from a 5-point seat belt to a 3-point seat belt for your car with FLIP&GROW

EasyRecline - three adjustable lying positions

Adjustable side impact system, SecureGuard, XP-PAD for more protection

Size: height 60-83 x width 44 x depth 47cm

Weight: 11kg

Product information
Country of Origin Germany

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