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Ginger Ginger Prune Ginger Vinegar 500 ml

Ginger Ginger Prune Ginger Vinegar 500 ml
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Brand introduction:
The founder saw the wisdom of the ancestors' creation of the structure, so he developed the "Two Mu Tian", with the concept of caring for the earth and treating oneself well, and launched the brand of "Jiangxin Bixin".
The word ginger is composed of two fields, which means that everyone has two mu of fields in his heart. One mu of field is his heart and the other is his body. After taking care of the two acres of fields for his body and mind, There is better energy to exert one's abilities.
Ginger is a good natural material. It helps improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, reduce pain and other problems, and make people full of vitality. Jiangxin Bixin products bring this precious earth resource to the public and spread health and vitality!


Main ingredients: Natural aged ginger vinegar (water, glutinous rice, wheat, salt), black dates, brown sugar

Product description: Old ginger promotes gastrointestinal motility, improves digestion, promotes metabolism, and eliminates fatigue; vinegar contains antioxidants and is rich in amino acids; it is added with black jujube to produce body fluid to quench thirst, and brown sugar is rich in vitamins and minerals. Drinking ginger vinegar can beautify the skin, promote blood circulation, supplement beverages for women after menstruation/confinement period, and alleviate dizziness, nausea, and nausea. Please be careful not to drink too much

Drinking method: 

Hot and drink to warm up → 10 cc of ginger vinegar + 50 cc of warm water or black tea   1:5. Drink it in the morning to refresh your energy.

Bingbing is so smooth to drink → 25 cc ginger vinegar + 250 cc water or ice water 1:10, drink after meal to help digestion

How to use: For the first opening, please hold the bottle with one hand and the wooden lid with the other hand. After holding it, shake it left and right to pull up; do not turn it open, the stopper will separate from the wooden lid. In this case, please turn the wooden cover back again and open it in the correct way

Notes: Do not over-drink

Preservation method: Please place in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, so as not to deteriorate

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan

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