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Ginger Ginger Shampoo 360 ml

Ginger Ginger Shampoo 360 ml
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  • Model: GR8138

Brand introduction:
The founder saw the wisdom of the ancestors' creation of the structure, so he developed the "Two Mu Tian", with the concept of caring for the earth and treating oneself well, and launched the brand of "Jiangxin Bixin".
The word ginger is composed of two fields, which means that everyone has two mu of fields in his heart. One mu of field is his heart and the other is his body. After taking care of the two acres of fields for his body and mind, There is better energy to exert one's abilities.
Ginger is a good natural material. It helps improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, reduce pain and other problems, and make people full of vitality. Jiangxin Bixin products bring this precious earth resource to the public and spread health and vitality!

 Product Information:

●   The addition of multiple plant extracts such as ginger essential oil and hydrosol can effectively cleanse and nourish the hair roots, prevent breakage and bifurcation, reduce the formation of dandruff, and make the hair naturally watery and rich.
●   Mild texture, suitable for normal and oily hair. Dry hair should be used with hair nourishing cream.
●   It does not contain SLS, SLES and Silene, so please feel free to use it.

Main ingredients: ginger essential oil, hydrosol and other essential extracts.
Suitable skin type: mild texture, suitable for normal hair.

Product features: Shampoo with multiple plant extracts such as ginger essential oil and hydrosol. Ginger essence can clean and repair the hair, nourish the roots, and gently take care of the scalp. Hair grows in a healthy and balanced environment, preventing breakage and bifurcation, reducing the formation of dandruff, and making the hair naturally hydrated and rich. Suitable for normal and oily hair. (SLS, SLES and Silane ingredients are not added, please feel free to use).

Product information
Country of Origin Taiwan
Tags: Shampoo , Ginger

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